How can we counter the messages given to our children in today’s culture? This is becoming more and more of a dilemma. Our children no longer hear about God in school, school clubs or at most functions they attend, unless perhaps in a less than positive light. This leaves it up to us as parents, grandparents and other spiritual mentors in our children’s lives, as well as the church, to make the incredible attributes of God known to them.

This training needs to start young for our children to have a foundation on which to lean. They need to know God’s incredible love is real and reliable when challenged as they get older. It needs to be experiential for them and not just head knowledge. When writing Blessings, My Child, it was my prayer that this book would give children a strong foundation of God’s love that they could understand, experience personally and carry with them as they grow older.

With the increase in Internet bullying and the rise of teen suicide, it is imperative that our children know how incredibly special to and loved by God they truly are. There is no greater love!

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