I read an article yesterday from a source I trust that both shocked and incredibly saddened me! The article stated that hospital personnel at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City told reporters that their hospital sees 1,000 children each year who have been sexually abused.

But here was the real shocker to me. They said their data shows that almost half of their perpetrators are minors, between the ages of eleven and fifteen. They also stated that little girls between the ages of four and eight are the most likely victims. 

Can we even imagine the damage to these children? Our children have lost the ability to learn about God’s principles in all venues except for the home and the church. We can blame the Internet, porn sites, our current culture, and yes, they all bear responsibility. How do we combat such strong forces in our current society?

I am a big believer in having open and frank discussions with our children when topics become age appropriate. Talking about others not touching them inappropriately can start very young. We cannot stick our heads in the sand and pretend our children would never do such things or have such things done to them. They are surrounded by other influences most of the time once they enter school, unless home schooled. 

We, as parents, grandparents or other care givers, have a bigger challenge than ever to teach our young ones about how God values all. We need to teach and emulate kindness, integrity, love and compassion. And we need not to be afraid to talk about right and wrong. It’s a taller order than ever as we enter 2019!

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