When I started writing Blessings, My Child, my original thought was to include a blessing, based on Scripture, along with an illustration. As the book started taking shape, I realized the blessings were a good springboard for asking children some personal and thought-provoking questions.

Often when we ask our children what they are thinking or feeling, we get a short and less than insightful answer. When I decided to write the questions for each blessing as if God or Jesus were asking, I became even more excited about the possibility of children wanting to answer the questions. I, also, was hopeful the adults in children’s lives would benefit from hearing their children’s answers.

More than ever in our “electronic world,” these times of interaction can be very precious. It is important we let our children know we truly are interested in them, and in what they are thinking and feeling. It is my desire that adults will listen to the answers to the questions in Blessings, My Child without judgment, but rather with love and understanding. Enjoy getting to know your child even better!