The best way to know what your child’s learning environments entail, is to get involved where and when you can. Being a working parent can present challenges, especially for being part of your child’s school activities during the day. However, there are other options.

If your child is involved in some Sunday school class, a Scout’s program, club or athletics, these usually meet in the evenings or on weekends. These activities also provide learning environments and are good for parents to assess.

Sharing in school, church and other activities give you common areas of conversation with your child. They, also, provide opportunities to complement what is learned or perhaps in some cases, what you want to help your child “unlearn.”

Not all messages given to your child are in their best interest. You are the best judge of that. Therefore, it is good to hear what your child is hearing outside the home. That is why I included so many questions in Blessings, My Child, to give you an opportunity to hear from your child about what they are feeling and experiencing.

A good reminder to us all: Remember to listen!