A recent article from the Colson Center for Christian Worldview entitled “Abortion Survivors Speak Out,” by John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris, has sickened me even more about the atrocities of abortion. I will be quoting parts of the article below.

“Princeton professor Robert George recently shared a collection of five abortion survivors’ stories on Facebook. The stories were compiled by the pro-life website Human Defense (by Chloe Kilano) and include detailed videos of each man or woman giving their gut-wrenching, first-hand testimonies of an ongoing legal mass killing – and how they escaped it.

Some of these names you may have heard before, like Gianna Jessen who survived a saline abortion at seven months gestation. As a result, she was born with cerebral palsy. Gianna has overcome her disability to become a powerful speaker, a household pro-life name, and one of the world’s most effective advocates for the unborn.

Other survivors on the list you may not have heard of. Melissa Ohden survived a second-trimester abortion attempt because she was actually older than doctors thought. Ohden was subsequently adopted, and only found out about the abortion as a teenager. She responded by tracking down her birth parents and forgiving them. Since then, she’s linked up with over 200 others with similar stories through her organization, Abortion Survivors Network.

Then there’s Nik Hoot. A botched abortion that destroyed parts of his legs and several fingers. Nik was adopted by an Indiana family and soon learned, faster than anyone expected, how to get around on prosthetic legs. In 2013, he made it to his state high school wrestling championship and finished the season with 24 wins. He’s also played baseball, basketball, and football, and say he considers his life a miracle.

But it’s more than a miracle. His life, and the life of every abortion survivor is a profoundly powerful testimony to the humanity of the millions whose lives end when abortion succeeds. The scars and disabilities many survivors bear are a silent witness to the grisly reality of what our society call ‘choice’.

Among the miracles of these stories are how many abortion survivors make a very different choice. In story after story, the children of abortion say they’ve forgiven their birth parents – often in person. Can you even imagine that? Well, with God, even this is possible. Many survivors of abortion are outspoken about their Christian faith and they’ll share with anyone who will listen.”

Excerpts from “Abortion Survivors Speak Out” – https://www.christianpost.com/voice/abortion-survivors-speak-out.html

God had a purpose for these abortion survivors, as He does for every successfully aborted baby. Some may argue that abortion now is safer and more “successful.” However, that premise and the passage of recent bills allowing end-of-term abortions give no comfort. I believe we must speak out whenever we can to fight what now has become the egregious “norm” of abortion. Once again, “Father, forgive us!”

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