I came across a quote this past week that caused me to ponder.

“Kids are curious. Kids are watching ants while adults are stepping on them.”

John Rohn

Christmas is a time of wonder for children. They take in the delights of the season, while we adults can be trudging along with our noses to the grindstone, and thereby missing those very same delights. 

I am a major nature lover, so I often look around me on hikes for any wonder I can see, while sometimes tripping over obstacles right in front of me. I don’t mind tripping if I have seen something wonderful, as in “full of wonder.”

If I carried this same philosophy with me when it comes to the chores of daily life, looking for the wonders around me, I believe that would be a good thing. My 20-month-old grandson can find and examine the smallest piece of lint on the floor that I never would see. He is fascinated by anything in his path, while I am plowing on. He teaches me!

I thought this week of many things about which to ponder and be curious at this special time of year.

How could God love us so much that He sent His Son to experience the traumas of earth and then die for us?

How did Jesus love us so much that He willingly chose the cross?

What are evidences of God’s love for us we can experience every day?

How can we show those wonders of God’s love to others?

In “Blessings, My Child,” you see in Scripture after Scripture how much God unconditionally loves you. I pray you and your children will be full of wonder at how treasured you are by the God of the Universe. 

Let’s work on our “wonder meters” this Christmas season!

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