From the author

This project began, without my realization, many years ago when I was asked to write a blessing based on Scripture for every woman attending a women’s conference. Then three years ago, I wrote a blessing for every child living at two Children of Hope ( homes for children in Kenya that my husband and I help support.

Both projects blessed me in so many ways. What a delight to read Scripture and discover the creative methods God uses to bless us. His love is incomparable! I continued writing children’s blessings whenever I had a chance, because I love children and truly want children to feel blessed by their Lord.

God started “talking” to me about leaving a legacy for children after I attended an impactful seminar. That following summer brought some unexpected events into my life that caused me to put this project on the back burner. But God kept whispering. I then participated in two back-to-back Bible studies where God continued to speak, only now with a louder voice about what He wanted me to pursue.

After telling the Lord I wanted to obey his leading and letting Him know I only could do this with His help, doors started to open in amazing ways that led to this finished project.

My heartfelt desire is that children and the important adults in their lives will be blessed in incredible ways by reading and discussing this book together, one or two blessings at a time, getting to know God and each other even better.

May God bless your time together!

 Ginger Payne